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Student Charter, Teaching and Examination Regulations and other regulations

On this page you will find the Student Charter (institutional-specific section) and the regulations related hereto. This part of the Student Charter applies to all students at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. In addition you find the Student Charters (programme-specific section) of the different study programmes and the Teaching and Examination Regulations which are part thereof. This programme-specific section of the Student Charter only applies to students registered for the study programme concerned. The remaining regulations of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences can also be found below.

Student Charter (institutional-specific section)

Student Charter (institute-specific section) 2018-2019.pdf

Related Regulations

Arbitration Committee Regulations.pdf
Code of Conduct International Student.pdf
Examination Committee Regulations.pdf
Financial Support Fund Regulations.pdf
Language Code of Conduct.pdf
Library Regulations.pdf
Participation Facility Regulations.pdf
Participation Regulations Appendix 1.pdf
Participation Regulations.pdf
Procedural rules concerning enrolment and tuition fee.pdf
Procedure for applying for support facilities for studying with a disability.pdf
Programme Committee Regulations.pdf
Reporting Code for domestic violence and child abuse.pdf
Rules of Procedure for Examination Appeals Board.pdf
Student Code of Conduct.pdf
Student Complaint Regulations.pdf
Student Emergency Fund Regulations Appendix 1.pdf
Student Emergency Fund Regulations.pdf

Student Charters (programme-specific section)

collapse Academy : Commerce & International Business ‎(32)
collapse Academy : Communication & Creative Business ‎(30)
collapse Academy : Economics & Logistics ‎(51)
collapse Academy : Healthcare ‎(11)
collapse Academy : ICT & Creative Technologies ‎(28)
collapse Academy : International Business Administration ‎(122)
collapse Academy : Leisure & Tourism ‎(30)
collapse Academy : Social Studies ‎(20)
collapse Academy : Stenden Hotel Management School ‎(25)
collapse Academy : Teacher Education (PE) ‎(14)
collapse Academy : Teacher Education (SE) ‎(196)
collapse Academy : Technology & Innovation ‎(43)
collapse Academy : Thorbecke Academy ‎(26)

Other Regulations

Whistleblower Regulations.pdf